Learn To Train Dogs



Learn the secrets of dog behavior. Make money doing something that you love. Help others obtain a healthy relationship with their dogs.

Since founding Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs in 1984, Ralph has developed a very distinct method of training  ... a highly acclaimed method of educating the dog and the owner. Ralph Gibson is a man who knows dogs. To him, dog training is not just a job, it is a lifelong interest. Ralph has trained dogs for over 30 years, 27 years professionally. He was educated in New York and Connecticut, working under eight different master trainers with degrees in child, animal and adult psychology. These trainers include Jack Healy and James Salva. For more information about Ralph Gibson click here.

The majority of dogs do not completely trust their owners, but you have to realize that gaining an animal’s trust does not come from you feeding it, loving it or taking it for walks.  Trust is gained from the guidance the dog gets from you.  Love is usually never the problem for an owner, it’s a must, it’s always the guidance and leadership that owners do not understand.  One thing that gives a dog a sense of security and makes them the happiest is order.  But the order has to be established in a balanced, positive manner.  Most all dogs want to please, but the lack of understanding by owners because what the owner knows about a dog usually comes from past dogs they’ve owned, books they have read or what their friends have told them. There may be some similarities but it’s not the dog in front of them. You can learn to help them understand their dogs and teach them to develop a healthy, rewarding relationship with their dogs.

Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs has trained over 12,000 dogs and humans, and trained many dog lovers to be effective dog trainers. If you have an interest in becoming an outstanding dog trainer give Ralph Gibson a call at 205-664-6910 for complete details on our dog trainer education program. To download our brochure on this program click here.